Can I choose my caregiver?

Yes. You are in control of who cares for you. Before services start, we ask for your specific preferences and we will do our best to match the description. All of our caregivers are qualified and ready to meet all expectations. If the aide does not meet your expectation our coordinators will be there to assist in assigning another exceptional amazing caregiver.

Where can my caregiver provide services to me?

Your caregiver will care for you at your home, hospital, nursing home, during your travel, or wherever you reside.

What if I only need a caregiver for a short period of time?

You can get care ranging short-term, long-term, part-time, full-time, or even live in with you if that is what meets your needs. We provide services starting from a few hours a day/week to round the clock care 24/7.

How do I know I need health care services?

If you feel lonely, depressed, or unable to do things that you were able to do in the past then you will benefit from a caregiver. Living at home doesn’t have to be stressful, hard, and boring. You can be happy, safe, and free of the chores that weigh you down every day by giving us a call to speak to one of our specialists to see if we can help you.

What if I need to stop my services?

You may cancel your services at any time as long as it’s prior to 24 hours before your caregiver is scheduled to arrive.

How do I ensure I am going to be in good hands?

We have been providing caregivers for many years, so we understand what makes a quality caregiver. All of our caregivers are first and foremost compassionate, supervised by our RN, and go through a several steps screening process which includes:

• Have HHA/PCA certificate
• Background check including calling their previous employees, medical history, and criminal history
• Have to go through an extensive application process
• Must go through orientation with our skilled nurses to ensure our client’s needs are met with the upmost care.

Do you accept all insurances?

Peachtree Care Health Services (PCHS) is a Private Pay service agency and accepts Long Term Care Insurances.  Our representative can assist to verify your benefits for Home Care Services and initiating the policy.

We do not have any affiliation with Medicare or Medicaid, nor do we offer them as an option for payment. However, we are affiliated with CCSP Waiver Program. They provide home care services to Medicaid clients.

When can I start my services?

Our qualified aides are ready to begin caring for you as soon as you request. All you need to do is sign the documents (Service Agreement and Services Authorization) sent to you as part of our standard procedure. Once completed, there will be an aide ready to meet you at the time and place of your preference. Also, our Registered Nurse will come to your residency to set up a plan of care for you that will be given to the experienced aide so she/he can take care of you in the best way possible.

What is a plan of care and what does it imply?

The plan of care is guidance to a home health aide created by a registered nurse for a patient. It contains difficulties or needs specific to the patient and the caregiver’s directives linked to the difficulties so the client needs are met.

What if I need to speak to my coordinator after business hours or weekends?

Our office hours are 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday. However, we have an on-call operator 24/7 if you ever have a question, request, or need assistance even during the night.

You can always reach the operator or email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What is the difference between a split-shift and live-in care?

A split shift entails one qualified aide who will care for you 12 hours during the day and another qualified aide will care for you 12 hours during the night so you are never alone. Live-in services entail a qualified aide who will live in with you and stay by your side for 24 hours but note that each aide needs at least 6 hours of rest so there must be an available private room for the aide to rest.

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